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Heart Collar Pullover Shirt
$ 315 
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The Heart Collar Pullover Shirt is our take on a Victorian era shirt. Cotton Lawn and seersucker are sewn together to create a lightweight and breathable, yet structured pullover shirt. The shirt is adorned with rayon lace, pearl beading, and polyester cording that adds an antiquated elegance to the shirt that's juxtaposed by raw edges and hemline. The heart collar solidifies the sophistication of the shirt, as well as incorporating a spirit of romanticism.

Cotton Lawn + Cotton Seer Sucker

Nylon/Polyester Lace, Pearl Beading, Polyester Cording

Machine wash gentle. Tumble dry gentle cycle or lay flat. Steam or iron on low.
4 40" 24" 22"
6 41" 24.5" 22.25"
8 42" 25" 22.5"
10 43.5" 25.5" 22.75"
12 45" 26" 23"
14 46.5" 27.5" 23.25"
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